Breastfeeding and Early Parenting Support

Meet Dianne Walsh

I am Dianne, a qualified Nurse, Midwife and Lactation Consultant. I have 30 years of experience as a midwife and for the last 10 years I have specialised as a Lactation Consultant.

I really enjoy working with new parents. I love the energy and excitement of expectant parents and working with families once their little one has arrived. I see my role not just as assisting with breastfeeding, but helping parents adjust to their newborn, understanding newborn behaviour in relation to feeds settling and sleep. This includes how to read their baby’s cues (communication) and how to respond, leading to a beautiful and loving relationship of trust and fulfilment.

I can assist with all breastfeeding challenges in the first year of the journey. If you find breastfeeding isn’t for you or hasn’t worked out for you, I can support you in the adjustment to bottle-feeding as well as all other aspects of bonding, caring for and enjoying your baby.

It is my goal that parents will feel attuned to their new baby and empowered with strategies to maximise the enjoyment and fulfilment that parenthood has to offer.

To book an appointment you can contact me on 0478 695 560 or see the Contact Us page for more options.

Helping you and your baby establish a

close, happy and confident bond together


Supporting you with any challenges you may be experiencing with breastfeeding your baby. A home visit provides the opportunity to assess feeding and work closely with you to discover how to achieve a comfortable and effective feed.

Infant Feeding

Support and education for you on bottle feeding your baby or on mixed feeding when it suits you and your family to both breast and bottle feed.

Unsettled Babies

Many babies have periods during the day or night when they are unsettled. It is very helpful to understand your baby’s cues (communication). This information helps to empower you during these early weeks on how best to respond to your baby's needs.

Infant Sleep

Analysis of your baby’s sleep and strategies to remove the obstacles to healthy sleep. By providing you with an understanding of your baby’s sleep, it will help you respond to your baby’s cues and work towards meeting your baby’s sleep needs.

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